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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Empty Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Post by Patty Sponge on July 18th 2013, 01:55

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire RubyPokemon Ruby and Sapphire 51BP4P2R5DL

The third installment and one of the best in Pokemon.

What is your opinion?
Patty Sponge
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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Empty Re: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Post by Tiger21820 on November 30th 2013, 12:25

The Hoenn region is the most beautiful region of all!

Master of Fire & Ice, TIGER21820!!!!
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire For_tig_by_toonike-d5k8cbd Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire FullThanks to Toon Ike for the images!

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