Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Event Records

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Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Event Records

Post by Tiger21820 on December 10th 2012, 16:50

This is where the records for said game goes.

You will find all the records for the various events, and their Wifi Record if there is one.

Post your Records and your Event names, and Players in order to be added to the list.

See if you can beat my Records!


World Record: 7.500 Sec. (Sonic)

1. 9.570 Sec. (Amy) (Tiger21820)


World Record: 0:30.002 Sec. (Mario)

1. 0:44.758 Sec. (Bowser) (Tiger21820)

400m Hurdles

World Record: 0:32.009 Sec. (Sonic)

1. 0:48.690 Sec. (Blaze) (Tiger21820)

Long Jump

World Record: 9.962 m (Mario)

1. 9.000 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Triple Jump

World Record: 19.070 m (Mario)

1. 17.429 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Javelin Throw

World Record: 113.999 m (Luigi)

1. 98.564 m (Dr. Eggman) (Tiger21820)

Hammer Throw

World Record: 99.999 m (Bowser)

1. 85.840 m (Knuckles) (Tiger21820)

100m Freestyle

World Record: 00:35.020 Sec. (Yoshi)

1. 00:47.172 Sec. (Dr. Eggman) (Tiger21820)

10m Platform

World Record: N/A

1. 25.55 Pts. (Mario) (Tiger21820)


World Record: N/A

1. 09.24 Pts. (Peach) (Tiger21820)


World Record: N/A

1. 09.775 Pts. (Knuckles) (Tiger21820)


World Record: 40 Pts., 000.000 Sec. (Shadow)

1. 33 Pts., 106.180 Sec. (Luigi) (Tiger21820)


World Record: 0:21.022 Sec. (Yoshi)

1. 0:34.874 Sec. (Sonic) (Tiger21820)


World Record: 120 Pts., 000.000 Sec. (Vector)

1. 100 Pts., 028.564 Sec. (Bowser) (Tiger21820)

Dream Race

World Record: 1:40.543 Sec. (Peach)

1. 2:40.079 Sec. (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Dream Basketball

World Record: 999 Pts. (Yoshi)

1. 114 Pts. (Peach) (Tiger21820)

Dream Shooting

World Record: N/A

1. 384 Pts. (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Dream Long Jump

World Record: 2205.25 m (Vector)

1. 1097.57 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Master of Fire & Ice, TIGER21820!!!!
Thanks to Toon Ike for the images!

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