Rules For this forum

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Rules For this forum

Post by Tiger21820 on December 3rd 2012, 16:54


Talk about reverse enginering video game ROMS here

Talk about different items or objects

Disscuss your level edits

Discuss Unused objects and spirites

Post links to ROM hacking tool websites

Post links to emulators

Discuss Your State of the art Hack!


Post the ROM file, If you must give away a file, use an IPS patch

Post a link to a ROM Site

Ask members to buy ROMS from you

Be sure to follow the rules, violations will lead to topic locks, or worse, BANS!

Any abuse of this forum can and will result in this forum being locked down until further notice!

Enjoy talking about ROM Hacking! Very Happy

And please support Nintendo by buying their games!!! Wink

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