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BBCode guide

Post by Tiger21820 on December 23rd 2012, 14:43

Bold text: [b]text[/b] (ctrl+b)
Italic text: [i]text[/i] (ctrl+i)
Underline text: [u]text[/u] (ctrl+u)
Strike text: [strike]text[/strike] (ctrl+x)

Text align left: [left]text[/left] (ctrl+m)
Text align center: [center]text[/center] (ctrl+t)
Text align right: [right]text[/right] (ctrl+g)
Justify text : [justify]text[/justify] (ctrl+j)

List: [list]text[/list] (ctrl+l)
Ordered list: [list=]text[/list] (ctrl+o)
Insert a line break : text[hr]text

Quote text: [quote]text[/quote] (ctrl+q)
Code display: [code]code[/code] (ctrl+c)

Insert image: [img][/img] (ctrl+p)
Insert URL: [url][/url] or [url=]URL text[/url] (ctrl+w)
Insert flash: [flash(width,length)]url[/flash]
Youtube Video: [youtube]Video ID[/youtube]

Font size: [size=x-small]small text[/size]
Font size (Custom): [size=XX]text[/size] (Replace XX with a value range of ??-??)
Font color: [color=red]text[/color] Tip: you can also use color=#FF0000
Font color (Custom): [color=#XXYYZZ]text[/color] (Replace XXYYZZ with a hexadecimal value range of 00 to FF. XX= Red, YY= Green, ZZ= Blue.)

Text font:
[font=Arial Black]text[/font]
[font=Comic Sans Ms]text[/font]
[font=Courier New]text[/font]
[font=Times New Roman]text[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS]text[/font]

Index: [sub]text[/sub]
Exponent: [sup]text[/sup]
Spoiler: [spoiler]text[/spoiler]
Hidden: [hide]text[/hide]
Horizontal scrolling: [scroll]text[/scroll]
Vertical scrolling: [updown]text[/updown]
Random: [rand]text[/rand]
WoW: [wow]text[/wow]

I hope this helps.

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